Problems Viewing the Chimes

If you have problems downloading of viewing The Chimes, here are some tips that should help:

  • The Chimes is a BIG file. This is not a problem if you have cable or DSL internet service, but if you use a dial up line where you computer must dial in to connect, your connection speed may be so slow that The Chimes could take 10 to 15 minutes to download and display.  If this is the case, there is no easy answer to the problem, but you can call the office and request a hard copy be mailed to you.


  • I do not see the current issue listed on the Newsletter Page. Although rare, some computers will store an old page and will not look to see if there is a newer page available. On your "tools" menu, click "Internet Options." In the new box, select "Delete Files" and check off  "Delete all off line content" then click OK. To fix the problem, click on "Settings." Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages" click "Every time you start Internet Explorer."  Click OK and return to the home page Now, open the Newsletter page. You should now see the most recent page. 


  • The Chimes Downloads but will not open. The Chimes should automatically download and open in your current window. If, when you click on the current issue of The Chimes, you are asked if you want to "Download" or "Open" the file, select "Open." If you are then asked to select a program to use, select "Adobe Acrobat Reader."  If Adobe is not on your list, then it is possible that it was never installed on your PC. Most computers come new from the store with the Adobe Reader installed as it is a very common way to view files. If your's did not, you can go to and get a free copy of the program.


  • I can view the Chimes but can not get it to print. The Chimes opens up in an Adobe window that is inside your Browser. You must use the "print" Icon inside the Adobe Window and NOT the printer Icon for your browser. The Adobe print Icon can be found on the Adobe toolbar is located right at the top of The Chimes.  If you still can not get The Chimes to print, try downloading the copy first. To do this, go to the main Newsletter/Chimes page and right click on the issue you want. Next, select "Save Target as.." or, "Convert link target to Adobe PDF." You will be prompted where to save it. (The normal default is "My Documents") Click Save. Once done, you can open the file by double clicking the icon in your "My Documents" folder. 


  • Nothing happens when I click on the current Issue. If this is the case, often the problem is that your Firewall or security settings are blocking access to the page, or pdf type files. As all Firewall programs handle this differently, please consult you owners manual for your firewall program. Look for the chapter on blocked files or blocked web sites.


  • If all else fails, remember you can always request a copy be mailed to you.