"Come, let us sing unto the Lord, let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation."

Psalm 95:1 

Welcome from Stephen Schreiber, 
Director of Music

Hello, and welcome to Music at Trinity. Music plays a vital role in the life and worship of Trinity Parish. We strongly believe in congregational participation in our music. Whether it is singing in the choir, serving as an instrumentalist or singing a hymn in the congregation during the service, every member of the community is welcome into the musical life at Trinity Church.

The Choir

Trinity Church has had a strong tradition of fine choral music since its earliest days.  The Trinity Choir is the adult choir of Trinity Church. It consists of over 30 amateur and professional singers. During the choir season, which runs from the Sunday after Labor Day through June, this choir sings at the 10:00 Eucharist and the festivals of the Church Year, assisting the Rector in leading the congregation through the various parts of the service. In keeping with the philosophies of the Rector and the Director of Music, this group is non-auditioned. If you can carry a tune, you are welcome to join us, and prior choir experience is not required. The Trinity Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings at 7:30 in the Parish Hall.

Thinking of Joining?
We welcome new members at any time. If you are interested in joining, please call Steve Schreiber at the church office: 215-646-0416. 

Additionally, Trinity is blessed with members who offer their gifts in forms other than singing. Some are professional, career-musicians. We have string players, trumpeters, flutists, and harpists who play solos or accompany the choir at services during the year.

The Organs at Trinity Church
The organ is the principal instrument of the Church. Trinity Church is blessed with two organs, a pipe organ built by the Schantz Organ Company and an electronic organ manufactured by the Rogers Organ Company. Trinity’s first organ was a 1901 large Haskell, and was built with an Edwardian-English design typical of the period. The console was eventually replaced by the Austin Organ Company. This organ was destroyed when Trinity Church burned in June of 1986.

Trinity's organ, as it appeared in the October 1990 issue of The American Organist

In November of 1989, an organ was installed in Trinity’s new sanctuary by the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio. To the left you see the organ as it appeared on the cover of the October 1990 issue of The American Organist (used here with their permission). 

This instrument is a departure from Schantz’ usual design, in that it is fully encased and built with stops and voices in the French tradition. The organ specification was designed by Trinity’s then-director of music Norman Caldwell Coombs, and it was voiced by Burton K. Tidwell, who at the time was Schantz’ Tonal Director. It consists of 39 ranks across three manuals and pedal. Principals are rich and warm. The flutes are outstanding, in that they are distinctive , while working against and with each other at the same time. The Récit is voiced so that is contains the necessary swelling sound and brilliance required of worship in the Anglican musical tradition, albeit as one organist remarked, “With a French flair.” The organ has an active role in helping provide exciting yet prayerful liturgy. The case sits in the north transept, and was finished by Chester Gable of the Schantz firm. It complements various design features found throughout the sanctuary. The organ attracts much local interest through recitals and demonstrations. Anyone interested in the organ is welcome to try out the instrument. The pleasant acoustics from the hard surfaces and high ceilings as well as a fine instrument also provide a superb venue for various choral groups and other music organizations. See this related link for pictures of the organ’s installation.

(61 Notes)

16 Montre
8 Montre (ext.) 
8 Flfte harmonique 
4 Prestant 
4 Flfte ouverte 
2 2/3 Nazard 
2 Doublette 
2 Flfte ouverte (ext.) 
1 3/5 Tierce (TC)
1 1/3 Fourniture IV 
16 Bombarde 
8 Trompette (ext.) 
4 Clairon (ext.)

RECIT (61 Notes) (Expressive)

16 Bourdon doux
8 Flfte B cheminee (ext.)
8 Viole de gambe
8 Voix celeste (Low G)
8 Flfte douce
8 Flfte celeste (Low G)
4 Prestant 
4 Flfte octaviante 
2 Octavin harmonique 
2 Plein Jeu IV 
16 Basson 
8 Trompette
8 Hautbois (ext.)
4 Clairon Tremblant

POSITIF (61 Notes)

8 Bourdon
8 Flfte douce (Rec.)
8 Flfte celeste (Rec.)
4 Flfte B fuseau
2 Octavin
1 3/5 Tierce (TC)
1 1/3 Larigot
8 Cromorne

PEDALE (32 Notes)

32 Soubasse
16 Principal
16 Montre (G-O.)
16 Bourdon
16 Bourdon doux (Rec.)
8 Octavebasse (ext.)
8 Bourdon ( ext.)
8 Flute B cheminee (Rec.)
4 Basse de chorale
4 Flfte (ext.)
2 Fourniture III
32 Grand Cornet
32 Contre Basson (ext. Rec.)
16 Bombarde (G-O.)
16 Basson (Rec.)
8 Trompette (G-O.)
4 Clairon (G-O.)
Cloches (prep.)


In May of 2005, Trinity dedicated an organ manufactured by the Rogers Organ Company. This instrument was a gift from a generous parishioner and came from the estate of a family member. All of the instrument’s installation was performed by members of Trinity Church. This instrument will be used for various musicales and parish-related events taking place in the Parish Hall. See the related link for pictures of its installation.

Please come and join us.
The Grace of Our Lord be with you!

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