Trinity Episcopal Church Tour

The Missing Trinity!

The picture above was taken from the original blueprints of the church. Look at it carefully... 
Ok, yea, I know it is crooked, but it was a very big blueprint! Besides, what you should be seeing are the strange additions to the structure on the left hand side of the picture. Most notable is of course is the Bell Tower. But wait, there is more! The structure you see extending to the left is actually a covered walkway. Behind the walkway is a section of building that would have contained a foyer that led in from the walkway, and a conference room, which would be on what is now the side lawn of the rectory! What can't be seen in this picture is the Guild Hall.  

In a Chimes article ("What Was and Isn't" Spring 2006 Chimes) I explored the concept of the Bell Tower and the Guild Hall. Since then, we actually were able to get the original blueprints for the Guild Hall as well as the interesting layout pictured above! 

"What Was and Isn't" also explores some of the goofs that have created ongoing property issues!

In the picture below, we can see the layout of the main church and Parish Hall. The most interesting areas of change are in the color boxes. Here are more detailed pages for each of the boxed in areas. Simply click the link, or the area on the picture below (best viewed in sequence):

  • Red - Guild Hall, Bell Tower, Bathrooms, and Walkway.
  • Blue - Conference Room, Foyer, Office, and Storage.
  • Green - Front Walk, Rector's Office, and Alternate Chapel.