The Old Church

The current church was built and dedicated in 1989. This construction was to replace the original Trinity, which was destroyed by fire in 1986. Above are pictures of the old church as seen from Bethlehem Pike and of the interior. (Click to enlarge) 


postcard.jpg (64869 bytes)
Postcard- Trinity as seen from St Mary's 


Floor Blueprints Ground Floor

Basement / Parish Hall


Unfortunately, The fire was so intense that even the stone could not be used to build the new church as it was structurally affected.

Some of the stone was however used to build a wall in the Holy Family Chapel. There is another artifact of the old church hidden in the new church! 
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For our Centennial in 1998, the following book was written:

 A History of Trinity Episcopal Church, Ambler   The First Hundred Years 1898-1998

It is in pdf format and is about 3meg in size, but provides a fascinating review of the early years of Trinity.

(By Barb Davis)