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Trinity Church was originally planned as a much larger structure! We recently obtained blueprints for the original proposal. They contained many surprises!  Come with us and tour the Missing Trinity! 


Nave Area 

The Nave in an Episcopal church is defined as the area outside the communion rail. This is where the congregation sits. In some churches, this is referred to as the Sanctuary, however, that name is reserved here for the area inside the communion rail that includes the Altar. 


Here are two views of the Narthex at Trinity. The Narthex is the area outside of the Nave and is the first area you will see when entering the church. The view above is facing the main entrance doors which are to the right.

Above is the view of the center doors leading into the Nave as you would see them while standing in the Narthex. 

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Auxiliary and Office Wings

Above is a view of the church office. The Office is located in the wing adjacent to the main entrance doors. This wing also contains a separate office for the Rector. (Picture pre-LED conversion)

On the opposite side of the church, there is a second wing that contains the Associate Rector's Office as well as the nursery. 

Above is a picture of our nursery which is in the same wing at the conference room.

Trinity also has a full featured kitchen, which is located in a wing adjacent to the Narthex. (Picture pre-LED conversion)

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Parish Hall

In the rear of our Parish Hall is the smaller choir room. The choir has outgrown this room and usually practices in the Parish Hall itself. 

The Parish Hall is more of a multipurpose room with movable dividers that can be configured for many uses. Above, it is seen configured for our IHN visitors, as a series of bedrooms and a common living room area. 

Above is a picture of the Parish Hall configured for a small gathering (about 70) for the dedication of the Rodgers Organ. 

When all the partitions are down, the room can seat more than 150 people, and even served as our church during the rebuilding.

In the front of the Parish Hall is a chapel area with it's own stained glass windows. These windows are of softer images as this area was know as the Children's Chapel. 

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The Sanctuary at Trinity is defined as the area behind the communion rail. The Altar is the most visible item in this picture (as it should be), but it doesn't end there. Behind the altar is our organist and choir loft. 

Above is pictured our organ. This instrument was built by the Schantz Organ Company of Orville, Ohio, and consists of 39 ranks across three manuals and pedal. The casement for the pipes is in the Transept area and contains approximately 2700 pipes. More information on this instrument and our choir can be found here. 

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 The most visible item in the Transept area is our organ casement. (Shown upper right.) Hidden behind this three story structure is a small chapel. This is know as the Holy Family Chapel (Above.) On the opposite side of the church is the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

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Vesting Room and Sacristy 

To the left and right of the sanctuary are two smaller wings. The wing to the left is our vesting area (upper left.) It is actually 3 rooms, three closets and a bathroom, and is used as its name implies.  

Above is the Sacristy. Again, this is a series of rooms that contain the equipment used on the altar as well as supplies.

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