Stained Glass at Trinity

Stained Glass has always been an important part of Trinity. When the old church was lost, a great deal of irreplaceable art was lost in the way of the windows. In building the new church a great amount of care was given to the choice of windows. This page is currently under construction and we hope to add titles and stories to each of the windows shown below. To view a window in more detail, click on the picture shown. Various camera settings were used with various natural lighting situations to try to bring out details. As better pictures become available, we will replace the pictures shown.  There are many windows that are not shown but will be added later.  Enjoy.

Nativity   Resurrection  Ascension 

St Mark Crucifixion St John Evangelist


The Presentation in the Temple

Baptism of Christ

The Visitation of the Magi - Epiphany

St Luke

The Holy Family  St. Mathew

Mathew 19:14 "Let the little children come to me."

The Rose Window

Upper Clerestory Windows

A series of 13 windows at the top of the Nave 

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Lower Nave Windows

A series of 12 windows at the sides of the Nave 

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The Rose Window that wasn't !

Here is an early sketch of the rose window which was not used in the final building!