Trinity Web Site Help

Special Note: From November 2014 to June 2015 we will be moving our site to a new hosting company. During this time, the alternate address of can be used as an alternate way to view our site. We will be keeping our .com address and that will be merged over as well. Currently, the site may be viewed at either address. As with any move, some features of our site may take some time to settle. 
The pages I see are out of date or old, how can I view the newer page?

Some browsers will recall old copies of web pages from your computer's hard drive rather then look for a new page. If you think you are seeing an old page or the site is not displayed properly you can try the following:
1) Right click the page link and chose "open page in a new window."
2) Hit "refresh" in your browser's window, or better yet push the "CTRL" and "F5" keys together.
If this still did not help, clear your browser's "cache." This is usually found under the "tools" menu.
You should now be viewing the latest version of the page. You may also want to explore the settings in your browser as they may not be set correctly.

The pages do not fit in my browser's window, can I get rid of the Menu list?

Hit the "F11" key which will give you the largest possible view. This is the same as clicking the "view" menu and choosing "View full screen" Also, you can right click on any of the page links and open that page as a new window. It will be displayed without the menu list.

Problems Downloading or Viewing The Chimes  There is a separate help page Here.