Trinity Squirrel Problem Blog

Just the facts - 
After experiencing all the glories of the Great Vigil of Easter, the fire, the music, the rising sun coming through the resurrection window and some good treats at hospitality; Kevin McLemore left church only to be attacked by a squirrel on the church lawn! Kevin got some scratches on his head, face, chin and cheeks and a puncture wound on his hand. He was treated at the Abington Hospital ER with antibiotics.

After the squirrel ran all over Kevin it then ran all over Roy Irvin's body not once but twice! Bill Davis standing next to him, (Roy not the squirrel), batted the little pest off and he ran away. (The squirrel not Roy!!) Thankfully, Roy was completely fine, no scratches or wounds of any kind.

After his startling ordeal, Kevin went to Abington Hospital's ER. The staff there told Kevin that squirrels do not carry rabies. (Although there seems to be some debate about that.) They say that they are seeing an increased amount of this sort of squirrel behavior due to people hand feeding squirrels. SO IF YOU FEED SQUIRRELS OR OTHER SMALL ANIMALS BY HAND STOP IT!

Al "Squirrel-face" Pecan

Here's the good news Kevin is fine, experiencing a little pain from the puncture wound.

We have set traps to capture and remove squirrels from the church property. 

356 people came in and out of the 10 a.m. service on Easter Sunday and not one was jumped by a squirrel or any other creature on the church property. (Unless you count Fr. Dave trying to get folks to have new pictures taken for the photo wall!) Also about 100 kids and their parents enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt on the church yard that morning also without incident.

See you in church! And while we strive to be a welcoming, inclusive community; squirrels are not invited!


4/9/2010 Update-
To handle the Rogue Rodent Gang, we have called in 
"The Un-scratchables."
The traps are set, and we have caught the first member of the gang, "Bugsy McClaw."  He has being relocated to the big house in Horsham.


4/12/2010 Update-
Our Second Capture! "Freddy "Chompers" Squirreleoni" is now awaiting extradition to join his companion Bugsy.


4/12/2010 Additional Update-
On the heels of Freddy's capture, we got another one! 
"Joey "The Whip-tail" Shredder" !  This guy is talking too! All the special squirrel hideouts, the works! 


4/13/2010 Update-
The tip from Joey paid off, and this morning 
"Nick "The Nibbler" Ratatouille" is in the cage! We didn't expect such a catch on a rainy gray day, but he fell right into our trap anyway !


4/13/2010 Additional Update-
Right on the heels of The Nibbler, "Anthony "The Digger" Ratboy" lost his freedom with a simple bribe of a peanut. As the cold rain fell, The Digger was carted off to join his cohorts in the Pecan Gang, already relocated in the yard of the big house!


4/14/2010 Update-
We may have captured the ring leader today! It appears to be 
"Al "Squirrel-face" Pecan" himself, in a less dapper outfit, and not in the luxury surroundings he is used to!

4/16/2010 Update- Kudos go to 
"Harry "Houdini" Lawnrat" who was the first to steal the bate and escape the trap .... This time.... 

At right, Whip-tail checks on some recent burials in the yard of the
 Big House.


4/21/2010 Update-
With some modifications to the trapping technique, today we caught "Harry "Houdini" Lawnrat", a very fast and vocal squirrel!


4/26/2010 Update-
"William "Billy the Biter" Crackanut" was caught today as the cold rain fell. Capture didn't seam to bother Crackanut as he proceeded to finish off all
of the remaining bait in the trap as he awaited extradition.  


4/26/2010 Additional Update-
On the heels of Crackanut, the infamous "Scarface McRat" was nabbed! 
He loudly protested his "innocence" while yelling every squirrley obscenity in the rodent vocabulary! 


4/28/2010 Update-
"Tony "The Grubber" Stashanut" didn't even stop for the free peanut that was on the ground outside the cage! He went right for the mother-load of peanuts inside the trap. Special early morning extradition arrangements were made.