Trinity Talents and Interests Survey
(Under Construction)
Trinity is hoping to put together a directory of talents, interests, and hobbies that we can share. When completed, the format will be the same as our phone directory and available in the Narthex. (not online) When the survey is ready to start, we will make an announcement.

You can try it out here. This is a beta version. The records are not actually saved.




Employment Networking
This is provided as a networking service only!
Trinity makes no claims for the accuracy of information submitted.


If you would like to view our current list of resumes and job openings:

For the privacy of all concerned, listings appear with a reference number. If you would like to view more information, simply click on the reference number.  View perspective Employees      View current job offerings      View services offered


If you are seeking work, offering a service, or are an employer who has an opening: 

Due to the fact that Trinity is a church, submitted listings must be approved. For your privacy, you will be assigned a reference number that will appear on the listing. If a prospective employer / employee makes contact, we will contact you with their information.  Submit a Listing  (May take 24 hours.) To request removal your listing, use This form. (May take 24 hours.)