Summer 2014 Church Organ Repair
By John Dziel

Our Pipe Organ contains about 2,700 pipes! What most people don’t know is that it also contains some big speakers. For the lowest of the lows, a “speaker stop” is used as the pipes needed to produce these notes would require a chest twice as big as the one we have now. As luck would have it, shortly before Easter, these speakers failed! We researched and obtained replacements but with no time available we placed them on the ground between the organ chest and the vesting room.

The summer project was to move them into the organ chest where they belonged. This was not an easy task as both new and old weighed in excess of 240 pounds! To make matters worse, there is very little room in the organ chest and everything in there is very fragile. The week of July 21st we did it.

The experience was like parking a truck inside a china store! We ended up removing a section of the organ cabinet about thirty feet off the ground and used a scaffold and hoist to get things up and down. Once in place, they were wired up and voiced to match the organ. In the final stages Bob Betty, who was the manufacturer’s representative on the original install, was nice enough to help with the voicing so it sounded factory fresh! My thanks also go to Bill Heckler who helped me out a great deal!

Read the full Technical Report Here